There are lots of ways to pay for the Ball. The BEST way is to use our online registration form, to submit your application. A new page will appear with "PayPal Pay Now" button. Click *that* to automagically transfer all your details to PayPal. and you just confirm and pay. Easy!

But maybe you didn't pay then or you used a hardcopy flyer to register. That's ok, we still got you covered. You can still pay online or via check. We just ask you to provide the guest and payment details.

Questions?  Concerns?  Contact Ric Goldman at
or call 650-906-8707 (10a-10p only).

1) Use the new PayPal.Me service

Just click on this logo...  

You'll be taken to PayPal's new send money site.  Just enter the amount and who it's for and that should be it.  Now, this service requires you to have your own PayPal account, but you can sign up for one right on the spot.  Once you have it, you can pay using credit card, debit card, or your bank account.

2) Write a paper check

Make the check out to PCDC and write the names of the guests on the memo area. Mail it to:

Portland ECD Ball
c/o Stewart Hall
15052 SE River Forest Dr
Portland, OR 97267

3) Use an electronic check

You can send an "online check", using mobile or web services such as Popmoney, Google Wallet, or your bank website's "Transfer" service. Just send it to: